Brastemp Ative!

Brastemp Ative! A global washer & dryer machine project

My role
Graphic Design, CFM, UI/UX Design
Whirlpool - Industrial Design (Global)
IF Design


This product was a Whirlpool Global project which brought together the Brazilian, Asian and European Design teams. The main challenge was to combine the needs of consumers from different cultures in a single product platform.


Designed to be simple and elegant, with outstanding features, it was developed through constant assessments with consumers, such as usability tests, perceived quality and heuristic evaluations. The graphic design, the CFM and the UI behaviour were adapted according to the differences between countries.



A central white backlit knob with surrounding luminescence was embedded to an elegant and slim user interface. The emotional experience is enhanced by fading lights that follow the status of the washing and drying cycles. The dead-front display with touch sensors brings cutting-edge technologies to traditional white goods. The UI was projected to help even inexperienced users in choosing the better settings for their clothes.


Colours, Finishes and Materials

In terms of colours, Brastemp Ative! offers 3 CMF options which easily blend into any home environment: Global White, Satin Chrome and All Black.

Top view
Usability test
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