Consul Bem Estar | Fridge

Consul Bem Estar A big change in Consul's visual brand language

My role
Graphic design, CMF and UI/UX design
Whirlpool - Industrial Design (Brazil)


For over 60 years Consul's trajectory merges with the history of the home appliances industry in Brazil. Focusing on credibility, user friendliness and creativity this project was the first step towards a big change in Consul's visual brand language (VBL).The external part of the product was designed to bring a technological appeal with a touch screen interface and metallic finishes. In the interior joyful icons and colourful details highlight key features of the product. The craftsmanship excellence comes with a careful attention to all small details, such as the alternance of glossy/matte and transparent/opaque finishes, or graphics that only appears when the food is inside a drawer.

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