Trend Report

Trend Report Designing future scenarios

My role
Founder, trend researcher and workshop facilitator
Over 250 people
11 workshops hosted in 7 different cities.


A series of workshops on Trend Report design and execution. This activity shared examples of exploratory research showing how emerging trends can influence particular audiences and brands. The analysis of the research material allowed the audience to design future scenarios as well as innovative products and services. The workshops took place in different Brazilian cities during 2014.


Trend concepts

A pinch of theory to introduce the subject, bringing some references to explain the main concepts and common terms.

Research sources

A conversation about some of the most influential trend research centers and about the importance of leaving the office to discover and feel emerging trends.

Narrative and scenarios

Time to organize the information, name movements and find arguments to strengthen the trend scope.

Observing people

More important than market analysis, to research people and their behavior is at the core of the activity. Even without delving too much into it, it’s possible to feel the difference when creating products and experiences.

Creating a Trend Report

Here we check real Trend Reports structures: from the simplest, which can be used as a resource for daily creation, to the most complex, which are themselves the final delivery.


To test the new learnings, an exercise to analyse dozens of emerging trends and how they could lead future scenarios. The results were innovative solutions to improve real problems for each city that was hosting the workshop.

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